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The image depicts a bride and groom at their wedding, engaging in a champagne glass tower pouring ceremony. The bride, dressed in a classic white off-the-shoulder gown, holds a bouquet of white flowers and looks lovingly at the groom, who is kissing her on the cheek. The groom is in a formal black tuxedo with a bow tie and a boutonniere that matches the bride's bouquet. They stand outdoors, with an overcast sky and a natural landscape in the background. The focus is on the couple and their joyful moment, symbolized by the celebratory champagne tower on a glass table, which adds an elegant touch to this black-and-white photograph

An ELOPE LUXE micro wedding in the Byron Hinterland on Digital & Film!

Rebecca & Aaron married at The Orchard Estate in Clunes NSW, just outside of Byron Bay.

The energy all day was electric (and not just from the threatening thunderstorms), with tears of happiness and abundant love surrounding the couple.

The amazing ELOPE micro wedding experience amongst the macadamia orchards provided the most divine space for their little ceremony. An Intimate, elegant, & sophisticated way to celebrate.

Thank you Aaron & Rebecca for inviting us along to capture your special day through photographs and film. It was a joy.

Konrad x⁠✨

The photograph exudes a vintage charm, likely taken on 35mm film, which adds a warm, grainy texture that's characteristic of film photography. The soft, natural lighting and the rustic orchard setting contribute to a timeless and intimate atmosphere, capturing a moment of closeness between the bride and groom amidst the tranquil beauty of the Byron Bay macadamia orchards. The use of film likely enhances the colors and light flares, giving the image an authentic and nostalgic feel

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We have grown up together and been friends our whole lives, since pre-primary school.

We kept in touch after high school to some degree, mostly exchanging messages for our birthdays, as we are born one day apart.

During our annual birthday check in, we got talking and realised we were both single.

We got together for a drink one night and then proceeded to be in denial about our feelings for the next few months until we finally made it official.

The rest is history.

When and where did you get engaged?

We were engaged on 28 August 2022. It was the first day of our Tasmanian Holiday last year. It was an impromptu last minute holiday that we decided to take, as our end of year holiday plans had fallen through.

As soon as we got to Hobart, we wanted to go to the top of Mount Wellington for the sunset and to hopefully see some snow. When we got there, we could see some snow in the distance so decided to go for a walk there. We reached the snow and had a little play and Aaron kept insisting that we should continue walking to find a nice rock to sit on and take in the view of Hobart, which is what we did.

We would reach Aaron’s rock of choice, and then he would decide it was not sufficient and suggest we move to a better rock. We finally got to THE ROCK and I was taking some photos and looking around. When I turned around, Aaron was on one knee. We both instantly started crying and he almost fell backwards off the rock (down a cliff) but it was otherwise perfect. Turns out he was trying to set up a sneaky camera at ‘the rock’ and I kept ruining the surprise.

Describe the style/theme of your Wedding Day?

Our mood board was 'romantic, simple and elegant'. In terms of styling, we are stuck to mostly black, white and neutrals, with the intention of it being timeless and minimalistic.

Do you have any tips for other couples planning their wedding?

Remember that your wedding is ultimately about getting married to the person you love and the small details don't really matter at the end of the day.

Wedding Vendors

Photo/Video Tropical Romance

Planning/styling Elope

Magical music Niall Lochhead

The image shows an outdoor wedding venue at the Orchard Estate, set within an enchanting forest pathway lined with trees. The ground is covered with a carpet of fallen leaves, and rows of black chairs are arranged on either side of an aisle leading to the focal point of the ceremony. Two large, elegant white floral arrangements stand at the head of the aisle, creating a striking contrast with the lush greenery of the trees and the earthy tones of the forest floor. The natural archway formed by the overhanging branches of the trees adds a magical and intimate feel to the setting, perfect for a romantic wedding ceremony.

The image showcases a wedding ceremony at one of Byron Bay's finest venues, set within a captivating forest. The bride and groom stand facing each other, hands joined, with the groom looking deeply into the bride's eyes. The bride, in a stunning off-the-shoulder white gown with a long flowing veil, is framed by two large, beautiful white floral arrangements on pedestals, which echo the natural beauty surrounding them. The wedding party, consisting of groomsmen in sharp black suits and bridesmaids in elegant black dresses, stand to either side, witnessing the couple's union. The forest canopy creates a natural cathedral, enhancing the solemnity and enchantment of the occasion. The leaf-covered ground adds a rustic charm to this memorable scene.

The image captures the tender moment of a bride and groom sharing their first kiss as a married couple. They are surrounded by the natural beauty of a tree-lined avenue at the Orchard Estate, which provides a picturesque and romantic setting for the significant event. The white floral arrangements on either side of them are in full bloom, symbolizing the purity and new beginnings of their union. The fallen leaves on the ground add to the autumnal charm of the venue, while the couple's embrace and the closeness of their kiss are the focal points of this emotive scene.

The image is an aerial drone photograph capturing a wedding reception at the Orchard Estate, with a twilight sky casting a soft glow over the scene. The venue is nestled amidst lush greenery, and the Byron Bay lighthouse can be seen in the distance on the horizon. The estate buildings are illuminated, standing out against the natural landscape, and guests are visible, adding a sense of scale and activity. This high vantage point provides a unique perspective on the celebration, highlighting the venue's expansive setting and its proximity to the iconic lighthouse.

The image is a warm, filmic photograph taken with a Leica M6 camera using Portra 400 film, known for its fine grain and rich color palette. It depicts a bride and groom in an intimate embrace, silhouetted against the majestic backdrop of a sunset sky. The couple is framed by the silhouette of a large, solitary tree on the grounds of a picturesque estate, with the soft hues of the sunset filling the sky behind them. The choice of film and camera has captured the scene with a nostalgic and romantic quality that is characteristic of Portra 400, rendering the moment timeless.

The image is a striking black and white photograph capturing a bride and groom sharing their first dance as a married couple outside under a canopy of fairy lights. The lights create radiating lines that draw the eye to the intimate moment shared between the two, standing close in a tender embrace. The darkness around them emphasizes the couple as the central focus, with the fairy lights providing a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for this significant wedding highlight.

Wedding Film by our Tropical Romance wedding videography team.


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