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Clarah Luxford is one fun celebrant who services the Gold Coast and Byron Bay regions. She is an incredibly natural and fun loving personality who goes over and above to ensure your ceremony is as relaxed and easy going as possible. Choosing a celebrant for your wedding should be a thoughtful decision and I know she is the one for you. Get in contact with her down below.

Clarah, What do you love most about being a wedding celebrant?

After close to 1,700 weddings, I still love the buzz and excitement of a wedding day. For me, much of my work has been done, the ceremony is ready to go, the legal documents are complete, my equipment has been tested, I've planned my outfit and checked in with the venue and suppliers, and in that pre-ceremony moment when everyone is waiting to get started, I'm taking a moment to soak it all in.

I have many favourite moments, from hearing the couple say their vows, to watching the reactions of their guests listening intently to every word of their ceremony, to seeing their often-shaky hands as they sit down to sign the papers. One of favourites though is watching them watch back down the aisle, seeing the elation in their faces.

What advice do you have for engaged couples looking to wed in 2022?

Choose your suppliers wisely. It's super important to do your research and look for the key elements that will make your wedding a success and a stand-out. Book suppliers who are busy (they're busy for a reason!), be flexible with your date (so you can secure that busy supplier!), read reviews, ask your friends for recommendations, and really think about what you want.

Value for money covers so many factors. In terms of celebrants, are they skilled to help you write your vows? Do they have resources to help you choose a ceremony that's right for you? Do they have quality equipment? Do they dress appropriately to fit your expectations and that of your family? How do they interact with your guests? Also, is the celebrant registered to officiate a legal ceremony and do they upgrade their skills regularly? Do they offer a private office space for meetings? Do they reconfirm all the final details before the day, and if so, how?

You don't need to meet with every celebrant you come across. Instead, just ask questions by phone or email and see what they provide in their initial quote. This will give you a good understanding of their level of professionalism, and if you feel assured that all will be taken care of - and you've done your research - then don't hesitate or you may miss out on your preferred date!

Wedding Celebrant during Byron Bay Elopement

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