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Sam & Ashleigh | A Summergrove Soirée

Sam & Ashleigh's simple, romantic. & elegant Spring Summergrove Estate wedding.

Groom helps bride into wedding heel at sunset infront of reception barn at summergrove estate. captured on 35mm film
romantic sunset moments captured on 35mm film

A perfect day in Spring

Wow, let me tell you about the epic day I had capturing Ashleigh and Sam's amazing day on both digital and 35mm film! These two lovebirds said "I do" on a dreamy, sunny spring day at the picturesque Summergrove Estate.

Ashleigh's split gown was straight-up stunning, and her bridesmaids rocked elegant pearl dresses like nobody's business. The whole vibe was this romantic blush theme that made it feel like we stepped into a fairy tale.

When it was time for the ceremony, you could feel the love vibes from a mile away. Ashleigh and Sam exchanged their personal vows, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Seriously, I was tearing up behind my camera!

But the real show-stopper was when Ashleigh walked down that aisle, arm in arm with her proud dad. Sam's face lit up like a Christmas tree! It was pure magic, my friend, the kind of moment that gives you butterflies and makes you believe in true love.

After the "I do's," it was time to party! The reception at Summergrove Estate was an enchanting wonderland, adorned with flowers and candles galore. The food was divine, the speeches were straight from the heart, and the outdoor dance floor was LIT! Seriously, these two can boogie like no tomorrow. Their first dance was all swoon-worthy and surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

It was just one of those weddings that oozed romance and joy, where you couldn't help but be swept away in the love bubble. I mean, the blue skies, the blush hues, the heartfelt vows – everything came together like a perfect rom-com script!

Ashleigh and Sam's wedding was a love-filled rollercoaster, and I'm so grateful I got to be a part of it. Trust me, folks, this one will be talked about for generations to come. Love was in the air, and I couldn't help but feel all warm and fuzzy witnessing their epic love story. They're clearly destined to live happily ever after, and that's what fairy tales are made of, right?


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