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When I’m not photographing weddings...

I love spending time meeting new people, tasting new wines, sipping good coffee, chasing warm sunsets, working on personal 35mm film projects and exploring the beautiful coastline and wilderness of Australia.


So if you’re energised by the smell of the ocean, the sound of the wind in the mountains or the warm embrace from your loved one then come say hey!


Owner / Photographer

Thanks for stopping by, I'm Konrad! 

I've photographed over 350 couples around Australia over the last five years and Tropical Romance & Co was created for couples looking for modern imagery with a relaxed and nostalgic vibe. I stay true to my style and believe that honest emotion brings out the most meaningful and timeless imagery.

I picked up a camera very early in life and admittedly my inspiration for photography is drawn from those early life experiences. I grew up with family spread out all over the world with those close intimate family moments often limited. In between times, I cherished photographs of my loved ones to remind myself of those favourite times in my life.

The whole reason I immersed myself in the middle of weddings was to really feel that incredible emotion and connection you truly get amongst your loved ones. To be able to celebrate with everyone on the happiest day of their lives brings me so much joy!

Meet the team

Olly & Marina

Olly and Marina have been part of our team for over 4 years now. Both are incredible skilled filmakers and photographers and thrive within their own businesses as well.


I cherish the help of these two because I can produce my best work when I know I am backed by the best. 

You'll see one or both of them around depending on if you choose a combined PHOTO+VIDEO package or if the size of your wedding and if we require a second-photographer and/or filmer. 

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Ready to make some magic?

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