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17 OCTOBER 2020


Words by Bride Madison... 


Step 1. Don’t plan a wedding during a global pandemic.


Step 2. If you do, make sure you choose Konrad as your photographer!


We initially sought Konrad’s photography for our wedding we were planning in Italy. We loved Konrad’s style from the first few photos we had seen of his previous wedding shoots, and he was on board to join us in Europe to capture our small intimate wedding with an intimate group of friends and family during our upcoming vacation.The universe had other plans, closing down the world due to Covid19. 


While lost in the uncertainty of how to continue with our wedding, we toyed with many options and knew deep down we didn’t want to wait any longer. After finding a local venue that was close to our hearts and ticked all our boxes, we were able to lock in Konrad (again) and our 6 month count down to our big day began!


As many can relate, planning any type of event during this time was nail biting. We planned for an October wedding, assuming Covid19 would be a thing of the past and we would be smooth sailing by then…hah, so gullible! 

We changed wedding plans multiple times, each regarding the latest restrictions, and had to keep things flexible for any future changes that always happened immediately. This was made so much easier for us, having the most supportive and understanding wedding vendors. Konrad was at the top of this list, staying in touch and offering his advice, happy to change things up when required – he truly made the whole thing easier, knowing our photos were going to be amazing, regardless of the size/location of the event. We already had our confidence in his photography, after our first meeting when he described his style and how he liked to capture moments and feelings in his art.


Finally the big day arrived, and again Konrad was the absolute best! He took control when required, and allowed us to just enjoy the moments as they were created. He made both of us feel at ease and natural behind the lens, and was able to create a calm and intimate space for us even when set in a public space. The private, slow moments of our photo shoot have created such strong and loving memories of our wedding day, grounding us in an otherwise busy and fast paced day. The photo shoot felt like our own private time together, that we will both cherish forever.


After seeing just the previews of our photos, we were in awe. Konrad has captured our memories and feelings of the day so perfectly. And now after seeing the full album, we are filled with such love every time we look at the photos. We can’t wait to display these pieces of art in our home and feel full of love and happiness every time we look at them.

Imagery: Tropical Romance & Co.
Venue: Walkabout Creek Events
Styling: Beautiful Weddings Australia
Celebrant: Ross Burbury
Catering: Cuisine on Cue

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