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2023 Wedding trends you need to know (before anyone else)

Next years Wedding Trends

Get your Pinterest boards ready. If you’re planning a 2023 wedding, you’re about to find out everything you need to inspire your perfect day. After two years of uncertainty, couples are celebrating love more than ever, rescheduled weddings are flooding our calendars, and some amazing new trends are beginning to emerge. Here are some ideas to get you started, and make your wedding stand out.


Direct flash photography is quickly gaining popularity, particularly with indoor weddings and receptions. It makes for stunning portraits with a glamorous edge, and gives the after-party an almost tangible energy of being frozen in time.

Direct Flash photography, NSW Country Backyard Wedding
Charlotte & Jacob, NSW Country Backyard Wedding


Similarly, a film camera will give your photos a feeling of extra romance that’s simply impossible to replicate with a digital camera. The texture and odd film burn are truly a vibe.

Same Sex married couple kissing in Burleigh heads
Amy & Kat, Burleigh Heads, Porta 400 film

After-party mini dress

It’s the night of your wedding. You’ve said your vows, your true love is by your side, your guests are coming up to tell you how beautiful you look… and if one more person spills champagne on your skirt or steps on your veil you’ll scream! If you’ve booked a killer DJ and can’t afford restricted movement on the d-floor, a dramatic change into a bridal mini dress is the call. As this trend rises in popularity we’re seeing more and more gorgeous styles to fit any bride and budget, so don’t be afraid to slip into something a little more comfortable (or just more flamboyant) to really get the party started.

Bride dances in second wedding dress at after party
After party mini dress, Graciosa Byron Bay

After party mini dress, Graciosa Byron Bay

Intimate celebrations

Like working from home and watching new movies on the couch, the pandemic gave us one other gift… intimate weddings. Gone are the days of inviting your parents’ old friend from high school and every family member you’ve never met to an extravagant venue; modern couples are taking the time to think about exactly who they want to mark the occasion with, and scaling back on celebrations accordingly. It automatically makes for a more relaxed atmosphere, and you can spend the money you save on more important things.

Bride and groom toast guests in garden ceremony during wedding
Zhara & Matt, Sol Gardens Gold Coast

All-inclusive venues

Who’s idea was it to make everyone commute to a second location for traditional weddings, anyway? Save time, planning and travel-related stress by choosing a venue where you can get ready, have your ceremony, pictures and reception, without worrying about getting back in time for dinner. A few of our favourites are Summergrove Estate and Cowbell Creek, with a range of packages and services available to make things as simple as possible.

Bride and groom escape from reception for a night portrait
Josh & Bec, Cowbell Creek, Gold Coast

Make a weekend of it

No, you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a festival-style wedding. Perfect for more intimate weddings or for out-of-town guests, lots of couples are opting to forgo traditional wedding venues and instead book an epic house via AirBnB to hold the entire event (think Graciosa Byron Bay.) The itinerary? Ease into festivities with a quiet Friday surrounded by family and friends, followed by a stunning ceremony and reception on Saturday. Recovery on Sunday, then jet off to your honeymoon already feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Byron Bay air bnb Venue
Graciosa, Byron Bay

Mismatched bridal parties

First it was the puffy sleeves of the 80s, and of course the infinity dresses that punctuated the 2010s. These days, brides are ditching the uniformity of matching bridesmaids outfits in favour of celebrating individual style. Anyone who’s been a bridesmaid knows the horrors of trying to find a dress to suit everyone, so it makes sense to lean into different styles and colour tones to keep everyone looking and feeling their best. It’s also a great way to create a stunning colour scheme and cultivate a relaxed vibe, while still making it feel as formal or informal as you like.

Bride and her bridesmaids after country wedding
Charlotte & her Bridesmaid's, NSW Country Wedding

Bride and her bridal party sitting by palm trees, Palm beach gold coast
Amy and her Bridal Crew, Palm Beach Gold Coast

Technology is in

While we’re seeing more and more “unplugged” ceremonies (please stop taking photos on your iPad, Aunty Susan), modern brides and grooms are embracing technology in other ways. Wedding websites like WithJoy are a fantastic way to send invitations and track guest lists, RSVPs and dietary requirements - completely free! Meanwhile, guests who aren’t able to travel can watch the ceremony from home via live stream; your setup can be as complex as an expensive camera and microphone set up or as simple as a friend with a smartphone.

wedding couple talk to family overseas during pandemic wedding
Zhara & Matt, Sol Gardens Gold Coast

First looks

Guaranteed to make for some beautiful photos and memories, first looks are one of our favourite trends. You can arrange a first look with your partner before the ceremony (a fantastic way to take some stress away from the ceremony itself) or if you’d like to save that moment for the aisle, first looks with your parents, bridesmaids or groomsmen are always a hit too. Keep it even sneakier with a first touch, where you can hold hands from around a corner (no peeking!) or even read some personal vows or words to one another without getting the full visual.

Same Sex wedding couple about to do a first look before ceremony
Amy & Kat, First Look, Palm beach

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