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5 tips for a stress-free wedding It’s no secret that wedding planning can get out of hand. There’s a long lead-up, so much to plan, and budgets to stick to. Not everyone has room in the budget for a planner to take care of everything, so here are a few tips to keep the stress out of your wedding day.

young married couple shares an intimate moment after eloping on the beach
Wategos Beach Elopement, Byron Bay

  1. Remember, you’re a team Start things off the right way from the very beginning, and keep this in mind the whole way through. Speak with your partner about what you both want your wedding to be like, what will be involved, who will be there, and who will take care of what. There’s a reason you’re not doing this alone.

  2. Keep track of things There is a wide range of tools to help you plan your wedding, so take the time to find the ones that work for you. Whether you want to keep track of tasks in an app, or you prefer to look at things in spreadsheet format, find a visual way to represent everything that’s going on so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

  3. Maximise your vendors Once you start the process of speaking to vendors, work smarter not harder and book as many services you can through an individual business. For example, look for a venue who works with a recommended florist, or a dress store who can recommend beauty services.

young bride in boho style dress and wedding bouquet
Dress by Grace loves lace, florals by Lolas Wildflowers, Graciosa Byron Bay

4. Delegate This is the time to lean on your friends and family. Don’t try to take care of everything yourself, it’s the quickest way to make your wedding stressful. Let your bridal party take care of little jobs here and there, let your uncle pick up guests from the airport, whatever it takes.

5. Let go Take a deep breath. It’s important to remember why you’re doing this in the first place… love! Type up your schedule for the day, but don’t worry if you’re running behind. Hand your photographer a list of must-have shots, but don’t stress if you forgot to add one beforehand. Most importantly, let yourself get some good sleep beforehand, take as many moments as you can with your partner, and enjoy your special day.

young couple dances after getting married at Graciosa Byron Bay at sunset
Gracios, Byron Bay


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