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young married couple standing on the edge of Broken head cliff in Byron bay while waves crash behind them at sunset
Broken Head sunset portrait session, Byron Bay

Want to know how to plan a dreamy Byron Bay wedding?

Picturesque landscapes, an unbeatable relaxed atmosphere, the possibility of spotting a Hemsworth… there are a lot of reasons to fall in love with Byron Bay. Countless reasons make Byron the perfect wedding destination, so here are our top tips for planning your big day at this scenic coastal location. 1. Pick your time of year While Byron’s subtropical climate means you can enjoy the area all year round, there are still a few things to work out here. As a popular tourist town, consider things like how school holidays and the busy summer season may affect your venue and accommodation options. It’s a great idea to plan a visit at this time of year (if you have the time) so you can get a feel for exactly what you’re in for. 2. Scope out your venue

There are some great websites for checking out Byron Bay wedding venues, planners, event hire, and anything else you could possibly need. Chances are you’ve chosen Byron for the laidback coastal vibe, but are you into the beach, or something on a farm? Glam, or rustic? Make a list of all the details that are important to you, and go from there.

young boho couple celebrate their wedding day in a vineyard in byron bay
Graciosa, Byron Bay

3. Engage the locals Part of the beauty of this little town is the thriving local wedding scene. You’ll find the perfect vendors to make your day truly memorable, and unique to Byron Bay. Why would you want to get married anywhere else? Everything from your blooms, to makeup, to stationery, to caterers featuring amazing local produce, can be found right here.

4. Do some investigating

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Jump on Pinterest, visit blogs, check out places on Instagram, and take the best bits from other Byron Bay weddings to create your perfect day. Once you start chatting to local vendors, ask for their recommendations! They’ve done all this before, so pool everyone’s knowledge and you won’t be starting from scratch.

All in all, Byron Bay is the perfect place for the beginning of your new life together. Enjoy the vibes, soak up the local culture, and your wedding day is guaranteed to be magic.

young boho bride walks along Byron bay beach at sunrise before her elopement
Sunrise Elopement, Broken Head - Byron Bay


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