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Amy & Kat, Rick Shores, Burleigh QLD.

Amy And Kat Where do I begin?!

I met them for the first time for Brunch at a cafe in Currumbin and instantly felt like we had been close friends for the longest time. They told me their epic engagement tattoo story and how they loved making home brews and shared the dream of one day opening their own brewery. I won’t give away the name as I think they may want to keep it a secret Hearing this I suggested we find an extra hour in the run-sheet to make a stop at a popular Gold Coast brewery and they absolutely loved it.

These two are kind, caring, loving, inspiring, honest, and just the best kind of human beings. Seriously. I can’t say enough about my time with them and their wonderful guests. It was an absolute honour and privilege to have documented their wedding day.

The entire day was incredibly emotional, but one of the moments that really stood out to me was when Kat stopped the dance floor shenanigans and dedicated a song to Amy as an extra wedding present. Before the wedding day, Kat pulled me aside to tell me about the significance of the Song but wasn’t sure if she’d be up to singing it but be ready just in case..I never doubted her and the whole party joined in singing the words with the party elevating to a whole new level!

Here is the story of Amy & Kat.


Florist Foliar

Celebrant Jordan Kadell

Dress – Harriette Gordon from Bloom


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