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A misty mountaintop wedding up in the Gold Coast hinterland

The image shows an aerial view of a wedding ceremony at the Bower Estate in the Gold Coast hinterland. The setting is serene and picturesque, nestled among lush greenery with mountains in the background. The wedding guests are arranged in neat rows, each holding a white umbrella, likely due to a slight drizzle. At the center, the wedding party stands, with the officiant and the couple at the altar. This monochromatic photograph captures a beautiful, intimate outdoor ceremony, where nature itself seems to be a guest of honor. The elevated perspective from the drone adds a unique and expansive feel to the captured moment, highlighting the grandeur of the landscape surrounding this special occasion.

Where do we start... our anticipation had been building for Mitch & Lexi's wedding ever since they booked us a little over a year ago. Their easy-going nature was infectious, and we instinctively knew their day was going to be extraordinary.

There's a unique joy in photographing weddings up in the mountains - it ignites creativity and excitement like nothing else. Mitch & Lexi's celebration unfolded at the Bower Estate in the Gold Coast hinterland, a location transformed into a misty mountain top wedding venue for their special day. Once a simple grassy area, it was reimagined into a venue with an outdoor bar, an al fresco dance floor, and a cozy ceremony space. We were in awe of its transformation; it was simply breathtaking.

The image is a close-up of an elegantly set wedding reception table. A white plate is adorned with a neatly folded white napkin and a place card with the guest's name, showcasing a touch of personalization. The gold cutlery adds a luxurious accent to the table setting. In the background, a bouquet of white hydrangeas and other flowers is arranged in a clear glass vase, contributing to the table's classic and sophisticated aesthetic. The soft, natural light and the use of white and gold create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the guests.

Lexi got ready on-site, in the elegance of the venue itself, surrounded by her closest friends and family. With the skilled assistance of Makeup Artistry by Natalie Lucas, Lexi was a vision that left everyone speechless, adorned in a luxurious silk dress. Her bridesmaids complemented her beautifully, dressed in blue, perfectly in sync with the wedding's simple yet elegant theme.

The entire day was a spectacle of beauty, from the meticulous details and colour scheme to the overwhelming love and energy that enveloped everything, including the heartfelt ceremony officiated by celebrant Lauren, who even provided heart-warming shots of Fireball for Mitch & Lexi.

Feeling incredibly honoured to be part of their day and to document such a beloved couple was a highlight for Tropical Romance.

A heartfelt thank you to Mitch & Lexi for allowing us to capture the essence and joy of their wedding day.

With LOVE, Konrad

Tell me about your The Beginning! We met in Bali at some random dodgy hotel we were both staying at, both weren't looking for anything serious and then he followed me back home and here we are 9 years later getting married with a 8 month old.

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged on 23/04/22. We took our dog for a walk on the beach and Mitch proposed there. The beach is my favourite place in the world, so it was beautiful. He also got our friends to hide and take photos and now we have some lovely photos of Mitch proposing.

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Simple, black and white not going too crazy.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Seeing Mitch's face at the end of the isle.

Top Tips!

Don't create a seating chart haha!

Wedding Vendors

Celebrant Lauren Bridge

Stationery Sea & Pepper

The image is a black and white photograph capturing a joyful moment between a bride and her bridesmaid. The bride is smiling radiantly as the bridesmaid appears to be helping her with the final touches of getting ready. The bride's elegant strapless dress and her relaxed, side-swept hairstyle convey a sense of timeless bridal beauty. The natural light from the window highlights her happiness and the intimate atmosphere of the preparations. This photograph encapsulates the excitement and camaraderie often shared between a bride and her close friends on her wedding day.

The image captures a poignant scene at the Bower Estate, where an outdoor wedding ceremony is taking place. The bride, in a beautiful white gown with an elegant trailing veil, stands next to the groom, who is smartly attired in a formal suit. They are under the watchful eye of the celebrant, Lauren Bridge, who is conducting the ceremony. Bridesmaids, dressed in sophisticated black gowns, are lined up holding white umbrellas to shield themselves from a gentle rain, adding to the romantic ambiance.

The image captures the quintessential moment of a wedding—the first kiss—set against the verdant landscape of the Bower Estate. The couple, framed by a beautifully crafted floral arbor by Wilde Botanicals, is locked in an intimate embrace. The bride's elegant gown with a long, flowing veil complements the natural beauty of the estate, while the groom is sharply dressed in a black suit. Bridesmaids in black, holding white umbrellas and bouquets, watch on with smiles, as do the groomsmen in cream suits, their expressions ranging from joy to tearful happiness. A bridesmaid holding a young child shares in the celebration, adding a touch of familial warmth to the scene. This moment, surrounded by nature's splendor and delicate florals, epitomises the romantic essence of the ceremony.

The photograph presents a wedding party, beautifully composed against the dramatic backdrop of a misty mountain range. The bridal party, dressed in elegant black gowns, and the groomsmen, in stylish cream suits with black bow ties, flank the happy couple. The bride, in a classic white gown with a long, flowing veil, and the groom, in a black tuxedo, stand at the center, radiating joy. The natural landscape, with its towering trees and the soft veil of fog, adds a magical touch to the scene, evoking a sense of tropical romance. This image, likely captured by a skilled Gold Coast wedding photographer, showcases a moment of celebration and natural beauty, frozen in time.

The photograph showcases a marquee set up for a wedding reception at the Bower Estate. The location is known as the Fig Tree Marquee, hinted by the presence of a prominent fig tree adorned with fairy lights, creating a magical ambiance. The marquee itself is nestled among lush greenery, with the majestic, mist-covered mountains in the background, providing a stunning natural canopy. The setting is secluded and intimate, offering guests a serene celebration space surrounded by the beauty of the Gold Coast hinterland. The overcast sky and the verdant landscape suggest a tranquil, secluded retreat, perfect for a memorable and intimate wedding reception.

The photograph captures a lively and emotional moment at a wedding reception, as guests raise their glasses in a toast during the bride and groom's speech. The warm glow of string lights above casts a sparkling ambiance over the scene. The guests are engaged in the act of celebration, with smiles and raised glasses, toasting to the couple's happiness. The image conveys a sense of community and joy, with everyone coming together to honor the special occasion of the bride and groom. It's a snapshot of celebration, love, and the shared human experience of wishing well to others on their significant life milestones.


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