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To the wild & free, this is your story.

The image depicts a romantic scene set at what is described as the Rosewood estate. A couple is having their first dance under a large tree adorned with fairy lights. The scene is beautifully illuminated, with the lights twinkling like stars against the night sky, casting a warm glow over the couple. The grandeur of the tree and the intimacy of the moment create a magical atmosphere, making it a picture-perfect setting for a wedding or a similar celebration.

Phoebe and Bradley embarked on their journey to forever at the enchanting Rosewood Estate in Beechmont. With Phoebe donned in a breathtaking gown from the Veil Collective, the setting was nothing short of a fairy tale come to life. Their vision for a romantic, whimsical, and family-focused celebration unfolded flawlessly against the backdrop of the estate's picturesque hill.

From the moment Phoebe and Bradley reached out, I could sense the magic that enveloped their love story. The connection was instantaneous, and as we delved into their wedding planning, it became evident that this celebration would be extraordinary. Rosewood Estate captured their hearts, and the stage was set for an intimate affair with their nearest and dearest.

The weather graced their day with beauty as they exchanged vows atop the hill, surrounded by lush greenery and the warmth of their loved ones. The ceremony, officiated by a close friend, added an extra layer of intimacy to the proceedings. As the newlyweds sealed their commitment with a kiss, the atmosphere resonated with love and joy.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds, accompanied by their wedding party, enjoyed a blissful moment on the lawn, sipping champagne and basking in the post-ceremony glow. With the sun casting its golden hue across the estate, we ventured into the sprawling landscape for a portrait session that captured the essence of their romance. The whimsical and romantic atmosphere they envisioned came to life as we strolled through the enchanting surroundings.

As the day unfolded seamlessly, the celebration continued into the marquee. Laughter, heartfelt speeches, warm fires and clinking glasses filled the air, creating an atmosphere of pure happiness.

Phoebe and Bradley's wedding was a testament to the beauty of love, the importance of family, and the magic that unfolds when two souls come together. It was a day filled with enchantment, laughter, and joy—a celebration that will be cherished by all who were fortunate enough to witness the union of two hearts destined to beat as one. Here's to Phoebe and Bradley, a couple whose love story will be told for generations to come.

 The image presents a stunning outdoor wedding setup at what is referred to as Rosewood Estate. It captures an arrangement of chairs set for a ceremony with a breathtaking view overlooking a mountainous landscape, and in the distance, one can see the skyline of the Gold Coast. In the center, there is an aisle scattered with white flower petals, leading to a floral arch that marks the spot where the couple will likely exchange vows. The clear sky and the vast, open view provide a serene and majestic backdrop for a wedding ceremony, emphasising the natural beauty of the location.

The image features a bride and groom captured in a moment of happiness on their wedding day. The bride, clad in an elegant white gown, is holding a bouquet of mixed flowers with a radiant smile on her face. The groom, dressed in a classic black suit with a tie and a boutonnière that complements the bride's bouquet, is looking at her with a fond expression. They appear to be walking together, possibly after the ceremony, with the groom leading and holding the bride's hand gently. The background shows a leafless tree and a hint of a building, suggesting a late fall or winter season and an outdoor setting for the wedding

 The image captures a beautiful moment with a bride and her bridesmaids, all smiling and looking joyous. They are holding vibrant bouquets with a rich mix of flowers in shades of pink, purple, orange, and white, which stand out against their dresses. The bride is in the center, her bridal gown subtly differentiating her from the bridesmaids, who are dressed in stylish white dresses. The focus on the flowers brings attention to the intricate details and colors of the bouquets, symbolizing the celebration and beauty of the wedding day. The soft, natural light and the blurred background emphasize the subjects and the joyful emotions of the scene.

 The image depicts a heartfelt moment inside an elegantly decorated marquee at the Rosewood Estate. Captured in black and white, it enhances the emotion of the scene where the father of the bride is giving a speech and toasting the guests. He stands center stage, flanked by beautiful floral arrangements, while the guests are seated at tables, their attention focused on him. The marquee's ceiling is adorned with strings of lights that create a starry effect, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of the reception. This picture conveys a sense of intimacy and celebration during this significant family moment.

The image is a monochrome photograph that conveys a moment of joy and intimacy, possibly captured with a vintage aesthetic, akin to HP5 film on a Leica M6 camera. It features a bride and groom seated close to each other, sharing a laugh, with the groom holding a drink. They are the focus of the image, with the background softly blurred, yet still revealing the festive atmosphere of their wedding reception. Overhead, strings of lights create a bokeh effect, adding to the ambiance. The guests in the background are variously engaged, with some looking towards the couple, contributing to the candid and genuine feel of the celebration. The choice to shoot in black and white adds timelessness and an element of classic elegance to the image.

The image captures an enchanting moment of a couple's first dance at the Rosewood Estate, set against the backdrop of a large tree festooned with fairy lights. The lights drape across the branches, creating a celestial canopy above the couple. The surrounding darkness accentuates the tree's illumination, focusing the attention on the couple in the middle of a dance, enveloped in the romantic glow. It's a moment frozen in time, reflecting the joy and intimacy of the occasion.


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