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A simple yet elegant DIY wedding captured on film.

This image captures a beautiful moment that conveys the joy and elegance of a wedding celebration in the Gold Coast hinterland. The newlyweds are walking down the aisle together, beaming with happiness as they're showered with confetti—a timeless tradition that adds a burst of excitement to the ceremony. The photograph has a candid, authentic feel, likely taken on film, which gives it a classic and warm aesthetic. The natural lighting and outdoor setting, with guests clad in festive attire and the large, graceful tree above, provide a wonderful composition that embodies the spirit of the occasion. The bride's bouquet of vivid pink flowers stands out against the natural tones, while the groom's sharp suit complements the formality of this joyous event. It's a snapshot that tells a story of love and celebration, surely a cherished memory for the couple.

As a wedding photographer with a deep appreciation for the artistic and stylistic aspects of weddings, it's always exhilarating to see a couple's unique vision unfold on their special day. Capturing the myriad of small, lovingly chosen details is crucial for me, ensuring these moments are preserved for years to come.

Georgia and Tom's spring wedding was nothing short of magical, held at the picturesque Albert River Wines in Tamborine, near the Gold Coast. The setting was an idyllic blend of natural beauty and sophisticated elegance, providing the perfect backdrop for their celebration.

Georgia, with her impeccable taste and creative flair, masterminded the wedding's styling. Drawing from the myriad of inspirations on her Pinterest boards, she seamlessly blended elements to create a truly personalised experience. Her vision came to life with an array of delicate details that spoke volumes of the couple's journey and shared tastes.

The bridal procession was a scene from a classic film, with Georgia's father chauffeuring her to the venue in his vintage 1970's Mercedes Benz. The timeless elegance of the car, combined with the picturesque landscape of Tamborine, made for a breathtaking arrival. Georgia and the girls prepared for the day in her parents' charming cottage, adding a deeply personal touch to the preparations.

The day's essence was captured on 35mm film, adding a layer of timeless beauty to the photographs. This choice of medium brought a warm, organic quality to the images, ensuring that every emotion and nuanced detail was preserved with an authentic, nostalgic feel.

Under the soft glow of the setting sun, the wedding unfolded amidst the vineyards and lush greenery of Albert River Wines. The couple's meticulous attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the day, from the bespoke stationery that hinted at the venue's natural charm to the carefully selected decorations that enhanced the natural beauty of their surroundings.

With the serene Gold Coast hinterland as their backdrop, Georgia and Tom's wedding was a vivid testament to their love and commitment. The photographs, imbued with the warmth and authenticity of 35mm film, are a treasured keepsake, immortalising the day's fleeting moments in a medium as timeless as their love.

Konrad x

This photograph captures a serene and intimate moment of a bride adorning herself before her wedding ceremony. The elegance and poise she exudes are palpable as she carefully places her earrings, an act that symbolizes the final touches of her bridal ensemble. The soft, natural light streaming through the window accentuates her radiant complexion and the delicate details of her white dress. The setting appears to be the comforting environment of her parents' cottage, which adds a personal and sentimental backdrop to the scene. Her expression, caught in a mix of concentration and joyful anticipation, speaks to the significance of the day ahead. It's a moment of quietude and reflection, beautifully encapsulated on film, which will undoubtedly be a treasured memory for years to come.


I warn you our story isn't the most romantic as we met as teenagers in high school. We were in grade 12 and met at a mutual friends gathering. We were both not interested at first and I even remember thinking to myself that Tom was rude. Clearly we must have left some sort of good impression on the other as we ended up kissing on the dance floor a few months later at a birthday party. Though this might have been heavily influenced by alcohol it forced us to actually talk and after that we were inseparable.


In November of last year, which is about 10 years since we officially started dating Tom proposed. We were having a picnic at our favourite park near our house. He asked me to get us a drink from the picnic basket. I was shocked to find a fancy bottle of champagne and when I turned to face him he had the ring box open and popped the question.


I guess you could call the style simple, classic and a little DIY. With the help of my bridal party we are doing all the styling and flowers our self to cut down on cost. We are also using it as an excuse to spend time with our loved ones doing something creative.


I honestly can't pin point one aspect, it all excited me in a different way. Getting ready in the morning listening to music with my best friends, driving the vintage car down the mountain with my parents, seeing Tom at the aisle for the first time, our private moments together as husband and wife straight after the ceremony, & dancing with everyone we love!!


If money is a concern plan early, create a budget and try do as much of it yourself. Doing things yourself may seem daunting at first but if you start early and do your research you can pretty teach yourself anything. With that being said don't be delusional with what you are capable of.

 In this joyful image, the bride stands at the center, surrounded by her bridesmaids, as they all share in the excitement and anticipation of the big day. The room is filled with laughter and smiles, the kind of unfiltered happiness that signifies the start of a celebration. A bottle of champagne has just been popped, its presence signifying the luxury and festivity of the occasion. The bridesmaids, in their pastel dresses, each raise a glass to toast to the bride's happiness. The light, airy room with its white interior enhances the brightness of the moment, making it seem as if the entire scene is glowing. It’s a beautiful capture of the shared bonds and affectionate moments that form the prelude to the ceremony.

This black and white photograph captures the serene and expansive landscape of Albert River Wines, a wedding venue that is both elegant and deeply rooted in the natural beauty of its surroundings. The composition of the image, with its wide-open spaces, the lines of the vineyard leading to the homestead, and the varied textures of the trees and clouds, conveys a sense of tranquility and grandeur. The absence of color brings a timeless quality to the scene, emphasizing the shapes and shades of the landscape. It's a venue that promises a blend of rustic charm and refined elegance, offering a picturesque canvas for couples to paint their special day.

 This black and white photograph captures guests mingling outdoors before the start of a wedding ceremony, taken with a Leica film camera on HP5 film, known for its fine grain and excellent detail. The wide-angle shot encompasses the lively gathering, with individuals engaged in conversation, enjoying each other's company amidst a rural setting. The choice of black and white film adds a layer of timeless elegance to the scene, directing focus to the expressions and interactions rather than the distractions of color. The panoramic format of the image reflects the expansiveness of the setting and the relaxed yet festive atmosphere preceding the formalities of the event. The casual stance of the guests, the natural landscape in the background, and the elegant attire all suggest a day of celebration and joy, preserved in the classic medium of film photography

 This candid wedding photograph captures a relaxed and heartfelt moment among the wedding party. The bride and groom stand close together, engaged in a private exchange, almost as if they're sharing a secret, while the bridal party looks on. The bridesmaids, in their pastel-hued dresses, and the groomsmen, in their dark suits, are arranged in an informal lineup, giving the scene a natural, unposed feel. The large tree provides a beautiful natural canopy, framing the group and adding a touch of the venue's scenic charm to the photo. This image seems to encapsulate the spirit of the day—joyous, laid-back, and entirely focused on the couple's shared happiness. It's a snapshot that seems to tell a story, one of those unguarded moments that often become the most cherished memories.

In this intimate photograph, the newlyweds share their first kiss as a married couple, immortalized on Portra film, known for its soft, natural color palette that captures the essence of the moment with a sense of warmth and authenticity. The couple is framed by the overhanging branches of a tree, symbolic of the new life they are beginning together. The verdant backdrop of the hinterland stretches behind them, a testament to the journey ahead, full of growth and vitality. The bride and groom are the picture of elegance and love, their gentle embrace and the tenderness of their kiss conveying the depth of their connection. This moment, so beautifully preserved, is the quintessence of a wedding—two people, in love, starting their forever amidst the natural splendor of the world around them.

 The photograph showcases an affectionate moment between the bride and groom next to a classic 1970's Mercedes Benz, with the last rays of the setting sun casting a soft glow over the vineyard. Taken on HP5 film with a vintage Leica camera, the image has the distinct granular texture and dynamic range that only film can provide, offering a nostalgic and timeless quality. The car not only serves as a stylish vehicle but also as a symbol of the journey the couple is embarking on together. The black and white medium emphasizes the contrast between the vintage elegance of the car and the natural landscape of the vineyard, creating a beautiful harmony of man-made and natural elements. The photo captures the essence of a bygone era, brought to life through the lens of the old Leica camera, creating a lasting memory for the couple.

This warm and inviting image of a wedding reception setting has a beautiful light leak, a common and often aesthetically pleasing effect in film photography, which adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the scene. The light streaming in bathes the room in a soft, golden hue, highlighting the elegant table arrangements and the floral centerpiece that hangs like a chandelier above. The ambient glow captured on film enhances the romantic atmosphere of the reception, creating a sense of anticipation for the joyous celebration that is to come. The mix of natural and artificial light, along with the classic decor, gives the photograph a timeless feel, reminiscent of a treasured memory.

This poignant black and white photograph captures an intimate moment between the wedding couple as they hold hands during their reception. The focus on their hands at the center of the frame emphasizes the significance of the connection and commitment they've just made to each other. The subtle details — the contrast of the bride's delicate ring against the groom's suit, the texture of the tablecloth, and the soft blur of the background — all come together to create a tender snapshot of the couple's shared love and unity. The black and white tones further add depth and emotion to this simple yet powerful gesture, making it a timeless keepsake from their special day.

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