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A hidden backyard garden-party in the heart of Byron Bay photographed on Digital & Film.

 The photograph captures a serene and romantic moment at Broken Head Headland in Byron Bay. The bride and groom, hand in hand, stand on the lush green cliff overlooking the vast, tumultuous ocean. The bride, in a stunning dress by Grace Loves Lace, looks over her shoulder, her smile reflecting the sheer joy of the moment. Her gown, with delicate lace detailing and a flowing train, billows softly with the sea breeze. The groom, dressed in a chic, light-toned suit, stands beside her, gazing out at the horizon. Together, they present a picture of elegance and love, framed by the natural beauty of the headland and the timeless dance of the waves below.

Ah, the famous Backyard Party of Lauren & Mitch! If there ever was a day to bottle up and keep forever, this was it, and I had the enviable task of capturing every second.

Now, anyone can tell you that a wedding on a private estate comes with its own kind of fairy-tale backdrop of the Byron Bay lighthouse, but to watch such a place transform into a wedding paradise? That's a whole different kind of level. From a luscious green canvas, the space evolved into an al fresco wonderland, complete with a dance floor that invited barefoot grooves and a bar that kept the spirits high.

Lauren, oh radiant Lauren, prepared for the day at a nearby Air BNB. With the artistic touch of With Philippa on makeup and Mikayla Jayne crafting her locks, she stepped out looking like a dream spun from the threads of grace itself, courtesy of her stunning Grace loves lace gown.

The gentlemen, with Mitch leading the pack, turned heads in their cream suits, setting a new standard for wedding style.

But let’s talk about the hues, shall we? The pastel dress code was a stroke of genius, painting the day with soft strokes of boho colour that would make an artist swoon. The ceremony was a perfect reflection of their genuine love. Set against the tranquil backdrop of the Byron lighthouse, they exchanged vows in an intimate gathering that felt as natural as the scenery around them.

The image seems to freeze a moment of pure, unadulterated joy at a wedding celebration. The bride and groom, with beaming smiles, are caught mid-dance, toasting with what appears to be margaritas. The bride has slipped into her party outfit, a chic change from her wedding dress, ready to dance the night away. The groom, still in his stylish suit, matches her enthusiasm step for step. The warm glow of string lights above adds to the festive atmosphere of this memorable night. Captured on the classic Portra 400 film with a Leica M6, the photograph exudes the timeless quality and rich colors that only film can convey, preserving this spontaneous slice of the celebration in a way that feels both nostalgic and wonderfully vivid.

As the formalities melted away, the backyard transformed into a vibrant hub of celebration. The garden, once quiet and serene, now buzzed with the energy of old stories retold and new memories in the making as the bottomless margaritas kept flowing.

As the sun began its descent, we ran away to Broken Head Headland. The ocean, the only witness witness to their love, offered a symphony of waves, a harmonious backdrop to their silhouettes against the dying light.

But the highlight? As night fell and the rain drizzled, something truly magical happened on the dance floor. With the first few drops, one might have expected a dash for cover, but not this crowd, and certainly not Lauren and Mitch. Fresh in her dance-floor outfit change they embraced the rain, dancing in it, twirling, and laughing as if they were the only two people in the world.

Being a part of Lauren & Mitch’s day was more than a privilege; it was a trip through wonderland. So here’s to the couple that made us all believe in storybook endings. Thank you for allowing us to tell your story in frames and in feelings. Cheers to forever!

With LOVE Konrad

Tell me about your The Beginning!

Mitch and I saw one another at the gym, but met later at the Ivy which is a club in Sydney. We started hanging out not long after, Mitch is overly chill and super flaky on text messages so I wasn't sure he was interested. We both had some time off, and wanted to head to Splendour. One of Mitch's mates bailed on him so we decided to go together. I guess that trip is where everything all began we had an awesome time together going to Splendour and we missed a day at Splendour to trek to a secluded beach not far from where the Wedding and hung on the beach for the day. We went out and partied together in the main street of Byron and I got to meet Mitch's Aunty and Uncle where we are holding the wedding.

Once we got home we made things official and we have been visiting and holidaying up North as much as we can and intend to eventually move out that way.

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged in Bali on the 25 July 2019, the day before leaving to head home. Mitch again being super casual got a guy from California who was holidaying there to make the ring and kept sending me on trips to the spa. He held onto the ring the whole way up a Volcano we climbed the day prior but the sunrise wasn't great so the next morning he took me down the road in Canggu and proposed out the front of a rice field and got the footage on a drone. The day we came home we put a deposit on a house together.

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

Backyard wedding, just relaxed, no seating charts. There will be 80% of seating available and we just want people up mingling and dancing. We have a food truck and a bar truck, marquee with fairy lighting and lighting outside and hopefully the dance floor outside of the marquee and under the lights.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Definitely excited to see my partner at the end of the aisle. Excited for a few cocktails and hitting the dance floor.

Top Tips!

Do exactly what you want and don't let any family member or friend change that. At the end of the day its about you and your partner, if you want a rager - awesome, if you want something intimate your family and friends should support that too. :)

 The image captures a tender moment of a wedding ceremony set amidst the lush landscapes that typify the region around Byron Bay. The bridal party is beautifully arrayed against a backdrop of towering trees and verdant foliage, with the iconic Byron Bay lighthouse discernible in the far distance. The bride and groom are locked in an affectionate embrace, sealing their vows with a kiss that signifies the start of their journey together. The bridesmaids, dressed in harmonious shades of coral, stand in line with elegant bouquets that echo the natural beauty surrounding them. The groomsmen, in their crisp attire with suspenders, look on with smiles, sharing in the joy of the couple's union. This moment, nestled in nature and bathed in the soft light of the Australian coast, is a picturesque snapshot of love and commitment.

The photograph shows a candid and spirited moment with the bride and her bridesmaids enjoying themselves on a deck, the air filled with natural mirth and laughter. Each bridesmaid, dressed in elegant coral gowns, appears genuinely joyful, sharing in the bride's happiness. The bride herself is radiant, her white dress contrasting beautifully with the warm tones of her friends' attire. They are all holding margaritas, adding a relaxed and festive vibe to the scene. The setting is effortlessly chic, with modern architecture and lush greenery in the background, encapsulating the essence of a day filled with love, laughter, and the simple pleasure of good company.


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