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Wedding Dress Trends for 2023 - Know your fashion.

The wedding dress industry is evolving, with brides breaking traditional rules and opting for styles that suit their personal taste. Let me start out by saying that our 2023 style icons are the likes of Grace Kelly, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, and Nicola Peltz-Beckham, so we’re in for a bit of fun and those of us in the wedding industry couldn’t be more excited for this shake up.

In the coming wedding season, we can expect to see a range of colours, including reds and golds to complement soft romantic hues. Gowns and dresses are no longer the default choice, as horizons open up and individual style takes the stage.

Sensual simplicity is a key trend for this season, with couples taking inspiration from the romantic silhouettes and accessories of the 50’s and contemporary fabrics and proportions from the 90s. Think fun shapes, shorter hemlines and two-pieces.

Lauren | Byron Bay , Tropical Romance

The emerald, corseted Vera Wang dress worn by Zendaya at the 2019 Emmys is also expected to influence wedding dress design. Body-sculpting silhouettes and exposed boning will be popular, as well as minimal '90s-inspired shapes such as bias cuts and heavy, plain satins.

Over-embellishment is taking a back seat, with classic laces and satins making a comeback.

We expect to see couples becoming more confident in experimenting with unexpected fabrics, such as tweed, and taking risks with left-field and almost eccentric choices like mirrored mosaic and golden Vivienne Westwood inspired gowns. High necklines will remain popular, as well as '70s-inspired halter necks.

Overall, wedding dresses in 2023 are expected to break traditional rules and focus on individual taste, with a range of styles and details to suit different personal preferences. From sensual simplicity to unexpected fabrics and detachable elements, there are many options for brides to choose from as they plan their perfect wedding day look.

So, get Pinteresting, remember to be yourself and if you’d like some insight into the accessory trends of 2023, check out our upcoming post!

Until next time, with style, love and warmth,

Tropical Romance & Co.


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